Tafelspitz – veal or beef with fried potatoes, creamed spinach and horseradish two ways. The restaurant in the Plachutta is considered one of the best

Fritattensuppe – beef soup with pancake noodles and

Altwienersuppen – pot – old Viennese pot With soup

Minced meat loaf – stuffed steak with mashed potatoes

Wienerschnitzel – in the original a real Viennese steak from veal, not pork, but today you can also ask for the one from the turkey. Served with car- toffel salad – potato salad and Cranberry sauce, and sometimes just boiled potatoes sprinkled with primrose

Baking hands – roast chicken

Game – game prepared like goulash, served with dumplings of dough or potatoes, jam of
Cranberry and sauce

Goulash – although there is a goulash museum in Vienna, you can find several kinds of excellent goulash in the restau- rant. Viennese economy in the Wiednerhauptstraße, in the district4. of

Dumplings are known as a Czech dish, but in Vienna they are prepared in many ways, even with eggs,
are considered a better known appendix

Käsekreiner – the most famous sausage, which is usually eaten at one of the sausage stands.

Apple strudel – apple strudel

Gugelhupf – Kuglof

Sachertorte – Sacher cake from Sacher Hotel It’s beautiful!

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