1. Schönbrunn Palace and Zoo

The most important and most visited sight in Vienna is Schönbrunn Palace with over two million visitors per year.

The baroque castle under the protection of UNESCO was once the summer residence of the Habsburgs and is today not only a “magnet” for tourists, but also a place for political talks at the highest level. The richly decorated rooms and fantastic architecture makes it very attractive and it is often called Mini Versailles.

Above the castle on a hill is the Gloriette, which once served as a reception hall and today is was transformed into a café. From the Gloriette you can see the Schön- brunn complex and Vienna.

The Schönbrunn Garden is transformed into the stage for Vienna’s famous Summer Night Concert in summer
Philharmonic Hall and in winter one of the many Christmas markets is held there. One of the main attractions Schönbrunn is the oldest zoo in the world, dating back to 1752, and today represents a modern nature center dedicated to the conservation of nature and endangered species.

2. Prater

The Vienna Prater used to be a hunting ground, but today it is surrounded by a large panorama wheel, roller coasters and other rides for adrenaline junkies of all ages.

Within the park you will also find numerous cafes and stalls with food and pastries, a shooting range and a museum.

Wax figures from Madame Tussauds. If you spend the New Year holidays in Vienna, perhaps the best idea is to spend at midnight directly on the Panoramarad, from which you can watch the fireworks that will light up the sky.

3. Belvedere Palace

The castle actually consists of two palaces – the Upper and Lower Belve- dere, and some say that this castle is the most beautiful Baroque building in the world. The lush garden is full of sculptures, fountains and water cascades and from the top Besides the garden, the palace offers a beautiful view of Vienna, hence the name of this palace Belvedere (beautiful view).

It was built in the 18th century as the summer residence of Prince and great army leader Eugene of Savoy.
Today the Belvedere Castle is a museum. The largest collection of the painter Gustav Klimt can be seen in the upper castle palace

4. Imperial Palace

The Hofburg is a residence complex of the powerful Habsburg Empire in the center of Vienna and was built in the period of 13.20. created by the beginning of the century. It is a large complex of 240.000 square meters and rooms2.600 with 19 Gardens. The new rulers have expanded this complex throughout history so that it now has 18 wings, many of which are are in different architectural styles. The most famous museums of the Hofburg are:
The treasury
(Treasury), Imperial Apartments, Empress Elisabeth Museum (Sisi), National Library, Ethnological Museum,
Ephesus Museum, Museum of Ancient Musical Instruments.

The complex also houses the Spanish Riding School (Spanische Reitschu- le), known for its parade horses.

5. Vienna Opera and it is free

The Vienna Opera is one of the most famous in the world. It presents in its performance a New Year’s concert
a spectacle for which it is almost impossible to get incredibly expensive tickets and which is broadcast on national television.

As for many tourists and culture lovers, sitting in their lodge is just a dream. Approximate pleasure in the sounds of Rigoletto or Krk Oraščić you can get by taking a glass of punch or mulled wine one of the chairs in front of a large live video beam where the music program is broadcast directly in front of the opera.

This improvised auditorium plays in the summer (when no rain) and during the Advent and New Year vacations.
Tip: If you show up at the opera box at the back of the building an hour before the start, you can buy a ticket for the event for a few euros.

6. Hundertwasser House

The most famous residential building in Vienna is the work of expressionist artist Hundertwasser, whose ideas were implemented by architect Krawin. The colorful facade is decorated with asymmetrical balconies, trees and a shrub growing out of the window and on the roof, creating a very unusual green oasis.

The artist found modern architecture boring and heartless, we needed to get closer to nature. Opposite the building is the Hundertwas- ser village – a conceptual space for visitors was created on the site of a former tire factory. There is a small square and several bars and stores in typical asymmetrical, colorful, eco-style.

7. Christmas market in front of the town hall

Not for nothing Vienna hosts the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. Each year for the time of Advent (which includes 4 weeks before the Catholic Weih- nachtsfest). Stalls with desserts, mulled wine and punch, sausages, Christmas decorations, souvenirs and

The biggest of all, however, is the Christmas market in front of the town hall. Besides the areas of smell and taste there are also Music concerts and a huge ice rink. The atmosphere is heated and cheerful and this event is really something that you can not miss if you visit Vienna in late November and December. 8.Natural History Museum
It is located in the Museumsquartier, where two identical buildings face each other.

The Natural History Museum is the one with the elephant statue in front of the entrance. The other is the Museum of Art History.

9. Shopping in Mariahilfer Straße, Kärtner Straße, Outlet Parndorf, Nasch- market

Vienna is a shopping enthusiast’s dream – whether you are a fan of high fashion, commercial brands or vintage. Near the museum quarter stretches a long Mariahilfer Street, where you can find almost all retail brands and a variety of restaurants and cafes can be found.

If you are looking for famous designers, go to the center itself and to Kärtner Straße.

If you’re a fan of shopping in outlet centers, the McArthurGlenn Outlet Center, or Parndorf. If you are a fan of vintage pieces, visit the Naschmarkt on Saturdays, or visit one of the the boutiques offered here.

10. Beer in the year 1516

No visit to a German country can be considered completely successful if you haven’t had a good beer. A very popular place in the city center is the pub1516, which serves really super beer and food. Crowds are inevitable and the atmosphere is loud, pub-like.

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